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JPU Records at HYPER JAPAN!  A small part of the booth anyway…
Photo taken by Alex Abian

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True story…

True story…

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Sweet!! Great news! SPYAIR's Japanese Youtube has just gone global! Here's one of our top tracks, you might recognise it from Gintama - it's also one of the 3 bonus tracks on the JPU edition of the MILLION album! Share it!


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We are pleased to announce that we will release the GazettE WORLD TOUR13 DOCUMENTARY DVD internationally on 21 April 2014!!

We’ll be handling the documentary’s release in Europe, where the JPU Records version will include subtitles in English! A feature not found on the Japanese release.

In the countries in North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Asia, this audio visual work will be available through iTunes store.

Join the band on their world tour again and again from 21 April 2014!


ヨーロッパではJPU Recordsより2014年4月21日に発売。欧州盤には、日本盤にはなかった英語字幕を収録!

Full story:

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Thank you to everyone that voted in the NEO Magazine awards! the GazettE and JPU Records won!

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SPYAIR's MILLION rated in the top 5 albums of 2013 according to Electric Bloom Webzine! Full story:

"a high-octane thrill ride through electronica and rock"
Buy it now direct from JPU HQ:

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Boom Boom Satellites advertised in free music paper GUESTLIST, available at tube and train stations across the UK, and online:

BBS’ latest album EMBRACE is available now from JPU Records, including an exclusive bonus remix:

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Japan Underground’s Tom Smith on how to rock and roll all nite in Tokyo

Check out what we get up to on a nightly basis in Tokyo

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Nearly 2 million views for abnormalize』 by 凛として時雨 / Ling tosite sigure


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Great SPYAIR feature in the latest issue of MyM Magazine in the UK! It’s issue 21, the one with the Final Fantasy cover!